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"Just above our terror, the stars painted this story
in perfect silver calligraphy. And our souls, too often
abused by ignorance, covered our eyes with mercy."

- Aberjhani (via observando)

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11154) I think I’m fine and then I realise I can relate to most of the confessions on this page.

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Anonymous asked: yea I'm also kind of confused about the misha and jensen photo op post, and I just finished the show :s


Ok so the problem with that photo op is the story behind that: from what i’ve understood so far about the entire drama is that, the person who decided to took that photo is a “destielers” (someone who hates destiel, castiel, and destiel shippers). She  doesn’t like Misha and she got that photo op as a “prank”, so she decided to not be in that photo cause of Misha and to use those lame signs.

Now I think the point here is really clear: she disrespected Misha as a person and NOT as Castiel. Is it ok to not like a character, is it ok to not like a ship, IS ALSO OK TO NOT LIKE AN ACTOR, but  is not ok to bitch around with that person, a person that you don’t even know (cause first of all Misha IS A PERSON and not an actor ok), a person that he’s just doing his job (cause to be in a con is kinda part of the job, let’s be honest)
and is also totally not-o-fucking-kay to make feel that person unwanted.

The thing that made me angry the most is the fact that to go to a SPNcon is basically everyone’s dream in this fandom. But unfortunately they are far way too expensive and not everyone can afford one so, why do you have to bitch around while you are living this big and amazing experiece, with such a childish thing?
This fandom is full of persons that WOULD DO ANYTHING to go to a con and just say “HI!” to someone from the cast, and tell them “thank you” and stuff, cause this show helped a lot of persons in so many different ways.

And she decided to fucked around with one of the most loved person of this fandom? Please hon, just stop watching this show. Or at least, just stop being a rude bitch.

If you don’t like Misha, I’m ok with it , it’s totally fine, It’s your own opinion. But do not spread hate on him (ON HIS FACE JFC) cause he surely not deserve that.

11427) I want to lose enough weight that my boyfriend’s mother will comment on it the next time I see her. This disorder is already ruining how I want her to view me.

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